Calling artists and marine scientists

Deadline 5pm on 24th March 2021

ecoartscotland is supporting Ocean ARTic, a new initiative funded by Creative Scotland and led by Marine Alliance Science Technology Scotland (MASTS) working with Creative Informatics. The partnership has been established in a pivotal year for climate change negotiations at COP26, and the start of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).


Ocean ARTic Invites expressions of interest for a workshop on the 1st of April 2021. The project will then go on to provide residency and commission opportunities, but also aims to leave a legacy of a broader network of collaborators between Scotland’s creative and marine science communities.

We are looking for Scotland-based creatives interested in working with marine climate scientists to consider how creativity can interact with marine science in ways that encourage a broader audience to engage, particularly through a data-led, innovative and potentially technological approach.

The agenda:

  • Drivers of changes in the Arctic. This can include how we understand these changes such as ocean observations (e.g. temperature at different depths) and remote sensing, changing ocean parameters such as heat transport on ocean currents, or large-scale changes in ocean circulation (e.g. the AMOC).
  • Impacts of climate change in the Arctic. This can include sea ice loss, permafrost melt, or changing currents.
  • Impacts of Arctic changes on lower latitudes. This can include ocean and atmospheric impact pathways of weather and climate on areas across Northern Europe, extreme weather events and changes to ocean currents.
  • How we can predict future impacts of Arctic changes. This involves large scale ocean computer modelling, ocean “memory”, and accounting for uncertainty and bias in climate predictions.
  • Societal impacts and adaptation. This can involve how we use predictions and data to advise communities and businesses (e.g. fishing and shipping) on how to adapt to the consequences of climate-driven changes in the Arctic that are already happening or coming

Full information on the Call can be found here, including the programme and submission requirements.

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