Becoming Earthly Film Season

FireShot Capture 089 - INDY Cinema Group - Becoming Earthly Film Season 2021 -

What might an expanded ecological cinema look like?

12 – 26 March 2021

This first online film season at the Barn, curated by filmmaker Huw Wahl, is a space to come together and think about what an expanded, or broader notion of ecological cinema might look like.

Through screenings, conversations, and Q&As with filmmakers who explore the materiality of what surrounds us and our day-to-day lives, the selection will draw us into encounters with the skin of the earth and the elements we find there (landscape, animal, tree, person, rock, plant), uncovering the unique making practices within which perhaps we can find new ways to think about climate advocacy, and the ecology of creativity itself. It seems that now more than ever – with the overwhelming flow of news, media and distraction – we need filmmaking that can cultivate our emotional resources, encourage changes in representation, and most importantly – sensitise us to the world and the shape of things to come. We hope that in this small showcase of work, these fundamental necessities can be spoken to in a multitude of ways.

See films here.

Our film season includes additional sound works and an in-conversation between Huw Wahl and Ben Rivers that are FREE. Discussion event 12 March 7pm Tickets

We would also like to offer a special promotional code for the film season to your audience: YGTT2082WV5V  Use this code and film pairings are reduced from £5 to just £3 during the first week of the festival: from 12 – 19 March 2021.


Huw Wahl uses the form-giving, material qualities of moving image to unearth the importance of creative action and its transformative potential. Whether building a giant inflatable with volunteers, delving into the life of an anarchist philosopher, or developing an intimately materialist and political account of one person’s poetry, it is the ability of film space to open experiences and ideas for communal change that drives him forward. For more on the curatorial approach read here.

The Becoming Earthly film season was inspired by a seminar series of the same name at the Barn, developed after we entered lockdown in March 2020. Its aim was to help artists find new ways to help address the climate emergency. Huw Wahl was one of the participants.

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