Climate Beacons Call

#eoi: Deadline 9am Monday 1 March


Creative Carbon Scotland are seeking expressions of interest for science, climate advocacy and cultural organisations interested in forming consortia to deliver programming focused by COP26. The aim is to deliver collaborative public programming across Scotland before, during and after the COP.

  • What is the message from your communities to the politicians and policy-makers at the COP?
  • How will you bring back news from the COP in meaningful ways to your communities?
  • Are you connected with communities in other parts of the world currently affected by climate breakdown, and if so how can you represent them in this process?

More information on Creative Carbon Scotland.

And in this new beginning
this continuous rebeginning
will you feed me when my lands
………….can no longer produce
and will I house you
when your lands are covered with water?
So that together
we will withdraw
as the waters rise?

Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, The Lagoon Cycle, 1985

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