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Scottish Oil Club knees up at National Museum of Scotland, Fri 8th March

March 7, 2019

This from Extinction Rebellion (XR) Edinburgh (and below how to find out more about Extinction Rebellion.

On Friday 8th March the Scottish Oil Club, an exclusive body representing the oil and gas industry, will hold their annual gala dinner at the . 890 fossil fuel industry leaders will celebrate the success of their trade and network to further its interests. This is fundamentally wrong. The fossil fuel industry poses an existential threat to life. Stopping them is an act of defence. On International Women’s Day we protest an industry which epitomises a dominating, violent, patriarchal system which oppresses women around the world. We want to disrupt the Scottish Oil Club Dinner and we want to have an even bigger party than they are having. We will hold a dance demonstration — we have a line-up of amazing musicians ready to bring us together to celebrate life, to throw a party driven by love and compassion rather than greed and profit. If you can help us make this incredible event happen, please send an email to Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh, indicating either “arrestable” (if you are ready to run SOME risk of arrest) or “non-arrestable” in the SUBJECT header. If you don’t’ sign up you won’t get the info about the preparations for the event.

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Extinction Rebellion – Introduction and Public Dialogue
11th March, 7 – 9pm

Quaker’s Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL
Extinction Rebellion (otherwise known as XR) is a new movement, which recognises that the world faces an unprecedented global emergency of climate change and wider issues, from which governments are failing to protect us. XR appreciates that the environmental crisis is enmeshed with global economic injustice and that tackling inequality is central to taking action on climate change. 

On Monday the 11th, they are giving a talk on the current state of the climate crisis and how XR aims to tackle it at the Quaker’s Meeting House in Edinburgh. While originally organised to facilitate dialogue between Quakers and XR, this meeting is open to everyone and especially welcoming people from different faith groups to discuss where values overlap (e.g. non-violence, everyone and every part of everyone is welcome,..).

7-8 pm: an introduction to XR – including an update on climate change, current Government policy, how XR plan to create a mass movement and how people can get involved

8-8.15 pm: short break

8.15-9 pm: questions from the floor / time for dialogue

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