ecoartscotland in tent

Art, Space & Nature students and staff have worked with ecoartscotland
to develop a programme of discussions and events during the week.

Tuesday 6 March 2012
16.00-17.30 Discussion on the Ecology of the Body, Healing and
the Environment, and Holistic Spirituality with Sandra Long and Betsy Davis.

Wednesday 7 March
10.00-12.30 “What is the ecology of the practices of arts and ecologies?”
Art, Space & Nature students and members of the ecoartnetwork.

In attendance:

Liz Adamson

Camille Archer

Anne Bevan

Joseph Calleja

Sam Clark

Gareth Davies

Caroline Dear

Mark Eischeid

Kate Foster

Reiko Goto

Su Grierson

David Haley

Alex Hamilton

Rachel Harkness

Stephen Hurrell

Ross Mclean

Alistair Peebles

Amanda Thomson

Graeme Todd

Laura Trujillo

Laura Watts

14.00-17.30 CORE Forum (by invitation only)

Thursday 8 March
16.00 Discussion on Translating Spaces with Catriona Gilbert and
Laura Trujillo Muñoz.

Fri 9 March
15.00-18.00 Walk in Kitleyknowe Glen looking at Lichens and Mosses.
Photo documentation

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