Papers [ISSN 2043-8052]

ecoartscotland papers are an occasional, approximately yearly series of issues which either present new material on art and ecology or bring together material published in the blog which deserves a more permanent form.

Issue 1 (2011): Position and Scale – essays by editors Chris Fremantle, David Haley and Anne Douglas with a response from John K. Grande:


Issue 2 (2013): Fukushima – Su Grierson’s correspondence from Fukushima Province during her 2013 residency:


Issue 3 (2014): The Content of Nothing – a dialogue on practice and reflection between Samantha Clark and Judy Spark:


Issue 4 (2015): Book reviews by guest writers (David Borthwick, Wallace Heim and Samantha Clark) published on ecoartscotland between 2013 and 2015:


Issue 5 (2021): #art4wetlands – WetlandLIFE articles (Tim Acott and Dave Edwards, Adriana Ford, Kerry Morrison, Helmut Lemke, Victoria Leslie)

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