Unfix in conversation

ecoartscotland has worked with UNFIX, the DIY festival of performance on several occasions, including in 2019 when we hosted Christiana Bisset’s embedded artist project. Chris Fremantle and Anne Douglas also performed at UNFIX 2019, with selected readings from the works of Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison.

With the next iteration of UNFIX planned for this summer, possibly with some haptic elements as well as some digital, Chris Fremantle met with Paul Michael Henry and Ane Lopez. They discussed performance as everyday life, what UNFIX stands for and how it relates to other projects that question our culture, as well as the climate emergency.

UNFIX 2021 is in partnership with The Barn in Aberdeenshire as well as CCA in Glasgow, and the Open Call for Proposals (deadline 2 April) includes opportunities to work with both those organisations.

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