Every community energy group should invite an artist onto its board!

This is the first of several reflections from the Beautiful Renewables workshop with LAGI and Creative Carbon Scotland picking up on key issues.

Power Culture

Yesterday I spent a fascinating afternoon with Creative Carbon Scotland and Land Art Generator Initiative at their Beautiful Renewables event in Edinburgh. The event brought together engineers, planners, community energy groups, artists and architects to develop an understanding of what is involved in the development of an energy generation project and what each of the events participants might need or be able to offer in the project’s successful delivery.

Without exception there was a recognition that artists offered something of value to community energy projects but that to get the most out of the collaboration, artists need to be involved EARLY! Perhaps even before a project’s specifics are dreamt up at all.

So, I am suggesting that every community energy group invites an artist (or creative practitioner to use a term that more actively includes, dancers, musicians, theatre makers, writers etc) to join its board.

I can see why this may not…

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