Growing Glasgow’s Local Food System

Tuesday 3rd May 7-9.30pm
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

Why now?

In the light of the ever rising costs of oil, and the Scottish Government and GCC carbon reduction targets, how are we planning to support and grow a more local and resilient food system for the Glasgow region? What active part can families, communities, local businesses and support organisations involved with local food play in creating a plan for the future, now.

How will this happen?

This hustings is set within a window of opportunity set by these elections to imagine and plan for a different and better Glasgow. Its also an opportunity to use cooperative approaches like world cafe to share the wealth of knowledge that allotment holders, community food growers, farmers, policy makers, local food retailers, support organisations and election candidates have about what is needed and how to plan for and build a truly strong, local food system for everyone.

What will happen?

We have candidates from all the major party’s ready to look at the challenges and opportunities to using less fossil fuels currently needed to grow, transport, store, distribute and sell local food, and to plan for improving and creating more land, infrastructure, support for communities and vitally training and jobs. The evening will include:

  • candidates setting out their party policy
  • people will have a chance to ask candidates questions using a world cafe format
  • tables for sharing information about what you are doing locally
  • refreshments will be available

So please come and join us to imagine and plan for a truly local, strong and low carbon food region on May 3rd.

For an update on candidates, the event and a blog go to or

This event is organised with local food enthusiasts from Urban Roots, SAGE and Towards Transition Glasgow.

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