Cool Stories for when the planet gets hot III

Video Still: Richard Jochum: Halt, 2007 (one of the finalists for COOL STORIES II in 2009)

The third edition of an international art video competition on Global Warming by ARTPORT_making waves deadline for submissions May 9th, 2011.

After two successful editions, launched at Scope Basel in 2007 and repeated at Focus Basel in 2009, ARTPORT_making waves for the third edition collaborates with CINEMA PLANETA, the award-winning International Environmental Film Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

We invite video artists worldwide to participate with works that explore Global Warming, focusing on forests in honor of the United Nations International Year of Forests 2011. Artists are encouraged to tell us their stories about deforestation or tree planting and its positive effects; they may also opt to approach the topic from symbolic, psychological or socio-political significances of forests. Our aim is to present a convincing survey of the current artistic exploration of this topic worldwide with 20 established and emerging artists, edited into a visually and conceptually coherent compilation by ARTPORT_making waves.

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