Ocean ARTic Showcase event: 5th November from 7-9pm

ecoartscotland has been supporting MASTS’ Ocean Artic project and this is an opportunity to catch up with artists’ Michael Begg and Eve Mosher’s work in response to the challenge to work with marine and in particular arctic climate researchers.

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At Creavitve Infomatics Lab 19 we’ll be showcasing two incredible new creative works from Michael Begg and Eve Mosher, commissioned through our Ocean ARTic partnership with Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland and Blue Action.

Ocean ARTic began in spring 2021, bringing creative practitioners and marine climate scientists together to explore the consequences of climate change for marine ecosystems and communities in the Arctic and Scotland, ahead of the Glasgow Climate Talks (COP26 UN Climate Change Conference). Read the announcement of the artists’ appointment here.

Michael Begg collaborated with researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany, the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Association for Marine Science to develop a new musical work from data models describing the impact on atmospheric and ocean conditions as a consequence of diminished Arctic Sea ice. 

Eve Mosher, “Holding the Ocean” Digital Image

Eve Mosher has been working with marine climate researchers to connect their research with terrestrial adaptation and mitigation projects. She will be sharing the process of working with these stories and testing a method of creating a personalised way to interact with them. She is in the process of developing a new multi-sensory, site-based and invitational experience to bring to communities across Scotland. ‘Holding the Ocean’ will explore the climate change stories of marine researchers and change-based communities, conveying a sense of the opportunities and capacity that we have individually and collectively to take meaningful action for ocean and planetary health.

Join us to hear from Michael, Eve and some of the researchers they have been working with to find out how they developed their Ocean ARTic works, and enjoy a live performance of Michael’s Light Water is Black Water composition with Black Glass Ensemble.

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