The Top 10 Most Pioneering Art/Sustainability Initiatives in the UK

Useful ‘starter for 10’ list of organisations and collectives doing work on art and sustainability. Love to hear from anyone who feels they have been left off – comment below or get in touch otherwise. I’d include The Barn in Banchory who have the largest new allotments in Scotland, a wild garden, a walled gardwn in development, share their building with an excellent cafe which is part of the regional slow food movement. Of cousre The Barn is also a major multi-arts centre and is currently working with The Harrison Studio/Center for the Study of the Force Majeure on The Deep Wealth of This Nation.
Platform London also ought to be on this list having been working across art, environment, research and activism for maybe 40 years.

Artists & Climate Change

Back in the days when I was still working for Cape Farewell in London, the appetite for artistic engagement with climate change seemed to be everywhere, including in the big cultural venues: from Ten Billion, the shocking science-lecture-performance at the Royal Court, to programs at the Science Museum and the Tate. The prevailing attitude focused on raising awareness about global climate change, and asking questions about what was happening in our own backyards. How much insight did we have into the carbon footprint of these grand buildings? Ambitious productions, touring and attending conferences and Biennale all over the world – greening our own practice was just as (or even more) important as raising awareness about melting glaciers. And here the amazing ladies (mostly ladies) of Julie’s Bicycle jumped to help.

Since 2012, all cultural organizations that receive regular funding from Arts Council England are required to report on their…

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