Should energy be boring?

Thought provoking questions challenging the assumptions about energy policy. Very relevant to the questions we are asking with the Land Art Generator Glasgow project. Many thanks to Chloe Uden and the Power Culture blog for highlighting.

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(c) Victor Evans; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

In her speech on a new direction for UK energy policy yesterday, Amber Rudd announced that she thinks “energy policy should be boring”.

Thanks Amber – it already is.

We think energy policy could, and should be, interesting, creative, inspiring…

Amber thinks people shouldn’t have to worry about energy policy, in her words, “energy policy shouldn’t be noticed.”

Energy security she continues, is, “the first priority –  it is fundamental to the health of our economy and the lives of our people”, says Amber.

This is a blanket statement, a warm blanket even.

An energy security blanket statement.

Should energy be something the UK feels smothered in? If it “underpins everything we do”, then acknowledging a bit of energy insecurity would be an important thing – a bit of give and take as in any relationship –understanding the issues and making an effort to work things out – together.


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  1. Given what the leader of the Labour Party’s brother Mr Corbyn said on This Week , it’s clear that members of the public and politicians just do not know what to believe on Climate change science let alone energy policy. Let’s hope COP21 can introduce some international clarity.

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