Art/Design Commission for Loch Ryan, South West Scotland

Jan Hogarth at Wide Open asked us to circulate this opportunity.

OPEN CALL for Expressions of Interest Sought for T8he Wig, Loch Ryan, Art/ Design Commission Opportunity – An imaginative art/design installation linked to the interpretation of the Loch Ryan.

• To create a sense of place inspired by Loch Ryan
• To create imaginative and thought provoking art/design works.
• To bring exemplar design to this stunning landscape location.

Loch Ryan is Scotland’s most southerly sea loch located between the Rhins peninsula, the low lying Stranraer basin and the western Southern Uplands. Its sheltered waters have been used by man since prehistoric times whilst its proximity to Northern Ireland has given it added importance as a gateway between Ireland and mainland Britain.

Many of the important historic sites and remains around Loch Ryan lie close to the shoreline with sites all the way along the east coast and clusters at Stranraer and in the area around Kirkcolm. The sheltered location means people have used Loch Ryan as a gateway for trade and communication by sea and lived on its shores since the earliest days of human settlement in Scotland. During World War II the loch was an important hub of wartime activity.

Project Challenge
This is a fantastic opportunity for an artist/designer or multidisciplinary team to respond imaginatively to place evolving a new aesthetic for a landscape location of this type.

We anticipate that the selected artist/designer will come up with a creative scheme which encapsulates a design vision for the three elements:

• Design bespoke seating for a public seating area. This might use scale and form to create new functional space which enhances the experience of the location.

• Design an entrance feature for the car park entrance. This is a way of highlighting the location and should have a similar visual character to the seating area.

• Redesign/represent in a creative way the WW2 look out. This disused structure has its own aesthetic character which may inform themes developed for the other two features. There is an opportunity to do something creative and imaginative which encourages people to use the lookout as a shelter and interpretation space to bring its history to life or reimagine it in today’s context.

The Wig area of Loch Ryan is the location for the bespoke seating area and the entrance feature. The WW2 lookout shelter is nearby at the eastern end of Wig Bay.

The total budget for all the works including artist’s fees is £27,500. We suggest the breakdown is as follows:

• Sculptural designed seating area £5000
• Entrance feature for car park entrance £7000
• Conversion of WW2 shelter into interesting installation/interpretation space. £10,000
• Artists fee £4000 (incl £200 development fee)
• Contingency £1100

Timescale and process
• September – Submit expression of interest. Artists/designers will be selected to submit initial ideas.
• Early October – Selection by design team of artist for ideas development by artist (design team will include representation from the community)
• Late October – Presentation by artist of developed designs to design team
• December/January – Construction of works
• February – Installation of works

Expression of interest
An expression of interest for The Wig Environmental Art / Design project is to be submitted by 1st September 2014 and include:

• Examples of relevant past work (up to 6 images or files). Weblinks may be used for video or audio files that are more than 5mb 
• Curriculum Vitae
• Letter of interest in the commission (1 side of A4)

Please save all word documents as pdf before sending. Please send to: or Jan Hogarth, Wide Open, Gracefield Arts Centre, 28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries, DG1 1JQ. Tel.07801232229

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