Could an artist do this?

One of the reasons for asking this question is to perhaps also imply the question, “What added value might an artist bring to this project?”

The current opportunity we are highlighting is:

Ref: OCT157595
Notice Type: Contract Award Notice
Title: A National Orchard Inventory for Scotland
Published: 16/10/2013
Published by: Scottish Natural Heritage
Full Text:

This project is almost already an artists’ project, after all Common Ground initiated Apple Day in 1990 and has a whole section of their website devoted to orchards..

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  1. This is very interesting Chris, as an artist who has engaged with mapping and archiving-type activities I would think ‘yes, an artist could do this’ and SNH are the type of organisation that might be open to hiring an artist. It is very unclear from these public contract sites how one applies as an individual, I suppose just writing to them is the first step.


  2. An interesting question – thanks for drawing our attention to it.

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