Naomi Klein on indigeneity and the renewal of the public sphere

This interview with Naomi Klein calls out the big green organisations on their compromises and their buy-in to ecosystems assessment and natural capital. She argues that it stems from a fundamentally misplaced viewpoint,

What I call the “astronaut’s eye worldview” – which has governed the Big Green environmental movement for so long – and by that I mean just looking down at Earth from above. I think it’s sort of time to let go of the icon of the globe, because it places us above it and I think it has allowed us to see nature in this really abstracted way and sort of move pieces, like pieces on a chessboard, and really loose touch with the Earth.

Klein’s focus is on indigenous and place-based activism,

…I’ve taken a huge amount of hope from the emergence of the Idle No More movement, because of what I see as a tremendous generosity of spirit from Indigenous leadership right now to educate us in another narrative.

In her analysis the renewal the public sphere is critical,

The book I am writing is arguing that our responses to climate change can rebuild the public sphere, can strengthen our communities, can have work with dignity. We can address the financial crisis and the ecological crisis at the same. I believe that. But I think it’s by building coalitions with people, not with corporations, that you are going to get those wins.

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