Could an artist do this?


More and more opportunities are being advertised through Public Contracts Scotland. So far as we can see there isn’t a way to filter for art stuff only, so we get some strange opportunities appearing in our inbox. On occasions these have provoked us to think, could an artist do this? So we are going to occasionally post them to ecoartscotland by way of a question. Just to be clear, these are not opportunities for which ecoartscotland is in any way responsible.  The are reposted for comment and discussion.  If you do want to apply for them, we’d be really interested to hear about your proposal, the process and the outcome.

The first one is:

Ref: SEP154156
Notice Type: Contract Award Notice
Title: 01076 Provision of Planning, Design, Agency and Marketing Services for the Disposal of Surplus Land
Published: 06/09/2013
Published by: Scottish Prison Service
Full Text:

2 Responses to “Could an artist do this?”

  1. Ilka Blue (@ilkablue) Says:

    If you are interested in these types of opportunities – it is worth looking at the work of Herman Prigann. For his Rheinelbe project in Gelsenkirchen, he worked as the Project Manager, designing and overseeing the rehabilitation of an open cut coal mine into a park for the community (and was hired, supported and funded by private corporation and government).

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