Beyond the Surface: Environmental Art in Action

This conference (announcement just received) has an outstanding line up of speakers – highly recommended.

May 31, 2013

Investigating relationships between art and nature
hosted by The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education.

This year our art department has been re-envisioning our environmental art program with a group of environmental artists, curators, scientists and academics – all to support a new vision and direction for our art practice. The Schuylkill Center’s art program provides opportunities to investigate innovate and interpret the nature of place. We are looking forward to create collaborations between art and science to find new ways of both solving ecological challenges and deepening public understanding of ecology and our place in it.

Conference presenters include:

Lillian Ball
Sam Bower
Amy Lipton
Eve Mosher
Stacy Levy
Frances Whitehead

For over 50 years, environmental art has existed on the edges of the visual art world. It continues to seek its own form and function, since its scale, texture, and dynamics do not fit neatly within traditional exhibition models. Many artists have not been satisfied with scratching the surface of environmental issues with the gallery critique or traditional sculpture methodology. The traditional means of display limit the audiences’ experience, restraining the potential impact art can have on raising environmental awareness.

A new generation of cutting-edge artists is blending art, science and social practice with a fresh sense of immediacy to expand the boundaries of environmental art. The Schuylkill Center embraces this innovation. We wish to see artists produce new tools of interpretation, expression, and engagement—tools that are sorely needed to repair a broken relationship between humans and nature. We hope to transform audiences from passive observers to active participants. We believe this new way of creating and experiencing art has a vital role to play in increasing environmental literacy and inspiring stewardship of the natural world.

This conference brings together our team of advisors and welcomes artists, scientists, designers, landscape architects, students, teachers and environmentalists. Made possible through support from The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage and The National Endowment for the Arts.

Link to more about the conference

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