Making It Real: from data visualisations to time streams

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This symposium (open to fifty attendees) will present work resulting from an innovative collaboration between artists in UK and Brazil and technologists working in the Digital Economy funded Horizon Hub at University of Nottingham, in collaboration with scientists at the UK Met Office and biologists at the Rio de Janeiro Jardin Botanico and schools and local communities in both UK and Brazil.It will showcase the work of Active Ingredient an award-winning arts organisation which has been working closely with computer scientists in the Mixed Reality Lab at University of Nottingham as well as with Silvia Leal, an artist living in Rio de Janeiro.

Together they have built a new platform which they wish to open for use by other artists and researchers which is called Timestreams and which allows for sensory interaction and data collection in local environments which can then be networked and shared with people elsewhere, to build knowledge and awareness of climate change and ecological variations around the world.

Speakers will also address the different ways in which artistic residencies can impact or otherwise in relation to local communities; other artists speaking include Jo Joelson of London Fieldworks, Jorge Lopez Ramos of Zecora Ura Theatre Company and Ana MacArthur, an internationally renowed artist working with light, holography and environmental concerns, in New Mexico, the Amazon basin and elsewhere. Rob La Frenais of the Arts Catalyst will chair this panel. A final session will focus on the boundaries between artistic collaboration, sustainable development and activism, with speakers from Platform London, the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University and Superflux (tbc).

Participants in this free event will be encouraged to join actively in this discussion. Refreshments will be provided.

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