Opportunity to make work at Teaneck Creek

Request For Proposals for ecoart due June 1:

The Ecoart Committee of the Teaneck Creek Conservancy in Teaneck, NJ seeks proposals from ecoartists or ecoartist teams to create an ecoartwork in 2012-13. We seek an experienced ecoart practitioner, capable of responding imaginatively to a recovering urban forested wetland, who will work collaboratively with community students and volunteers, and who will mentor a local artist (visual, musician, poet, other) in the creation of the piece. Work can be transdisciplinary, kinetic, acoustic or any other ephemeral or permanent installations that engage and expand our diverse public and ongoing partnerships, challenging them to take ownership of our commons spaces. Bio-niches include meadows, forest, tree canopy, wetland, stands of invasive species, pathways, boundary edges, streams, stream banks, tributaries, vernal ponds, storm water outflows, even mounds of concrete debris. The work should build support among the larger community for an understanding and definition of ecoart* that is inclusive yet underscores the notion of ecology and our impact on this recovering environment. The process will be video documented throughout the residency period.

Anticipated total budget including artist(s) fee is a range of USD$15000. – 20000.

To apply, please submit via email by JUNE 1, 2012 to: devery@teaneckcreek.org

1) A brief artists statement of interest outlining a preliminary proposal for this site project. We understand this as an evolving process and encourage a site visit and discussion with us.

2) Up to 5 images of representative works that address the requirements of this RFP. Images should be smaller than 1MB. A website address can be substituted. We are interested in viewing your work as an ecoart practitioner.

3) c. v. : Either by email or associated with a website.

4) Contact information including daytime phone number.

Interested artists are strongly encouraged to visit the Conservancy prior to making a submission. Office hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, though the Conservancy is open to the public from dawn til dusk. We are co-located with the Puffin Foundation and Puffin Cultural Forum. For directions and public transit information (NJ Transit bus stops one block from our offices), please visit the web site at www.PuffinFoundation.org.


The Teaneck Creek Conservancy is a 46-acre eco-park within Bergen County’s 1,200-acre Overpeck Park. Our office address is 20 Puffin Way Avenue, Teaneck, NJ. The property is located at the junction of I-95 and I-80. This property is a historic dump site that is being reclaimed and rehabilitated as wetland habitat and for positive public use through a unique “Brownfields to Greenfields” project. Community-based plans for the Conservancy are developed by artists, activists, scientists, historians, educators in a non profit partnership with local government over the past ten years. These plans have created a park with a 1.5 mile trail system for passive recreation, eco art, wetlands research and rehabilitation, and public outreach and education that is focused on the property’s environmental resources, land use, and history — including the Native American Lenape presence here for thousands of years. See http://www.teaneckcreek.org/ecoart.html

Questions? If you have questions about this opportunity, please call 201-836-2403, or email devery@teaneckcreek.org. Go to: http://www/teaneckcreek.org for more information.

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