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Cheng-Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

Hello, Dear ALL, Here I help Jane to publish this post, because she cannot log in the blog and have tried whole day today.In this post Jane tell artists many hints to propose a good proposal, please did read it before submiting. Looking forward to your great ideas  &  Good luck!!  chao-mei
請各位藝術家要好好閱讀這篇文章喔! 策展人Jane提供了很多入選的”小撇步”,相信對許多年輕藝術家朋友在提案時會有許多幫助. 台灣藝術家,請加油!!!!!!!!!有任何問題,懶得寫英文,用中文留言或寫信給我也會通喔!!—昭湄

1.  Follow the directions carefully and submit exactly what is asked for and not anything else. If it says to send .jpg files of less than 1 mg each, do not send your images embedded in a .doc file or .pdf file, and do not send a link to your website rather than sending images of your previous works. Following directions well makes me think you are intelligent and cooperative and that you will not cause problems because you think you are so special that you deserve special treatment.  

2. Show your experiences as a professional…

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