Wasteland Twinning


Glengarnock on a road trip, 2004

Wasteland and stalled spaces are important.  This new project connects wasteland in different places as well as offering some suggestions for ways to explore those on your doorstep – join in and be twinned with places in Indonesia, Australia, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, India (interestingly there are no US or Canadian partners).

Glengarnock (all that's left) 2004

Most of the ideas suggested involve spending time with your own wasteland, making sound recordings, putting up signs, doing surveys, finding sit spots, discovering what’s edible, and then inventing your own responses.

Glengarnock (variations) 2004


3 Responses to “Wasteland Twinning”

  1. okellhammer (@okellhammer) Says:

    Fantastic! If you want some North American examples, I’ve started a few similar projects celebrating ruderal ecologies here in Canada. You might want to check out my ‘Concrete Island’ project => http://www.oliverk.org/page/concrete-island also the ‘Other Gardens’ project =>http://www.oliverk.org/page/other-gardens which was a tour of two wastelands on opposite ends of the country.

  2. Wasteland Twinning : The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts Says:

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  3. News Room :: Wasteland Twinning Says:

    […] This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland […]

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