Reposted from the Walking Artists Network listserve

Melissa Bliss will be leading a collaborative walking tour of central Hackney (London Fields, Broadway Market, Mare Street), revealing the histories of common land use and squatting over the centuries.

Meet at 2pm outside the Lido on London Fields E8 3EU. Duration about 2 hours followed by a picnic in London Fields.

Part of the Hackney Fringe Festival

More info: Melissa Bliss melissa@livingcinema.org

Living Cinema: www.livingcinema.org

Past Tense: past-tense.org.uk

and also thanks to the WAN network for highlighting this symposium in Edinburgh at the end of the month

W.A.L.K. research initiative at the University of Sunderland present:

Critical Dialogues on Walking, Art, Landskip and Knowledge

Matthew Beaumont, Alec Finlay and Misha Myers

12.30-16.45 28th July 2011

Day fee: £5

Chairs: Tim Brennan and Heather Yeung

This is one-day symposium, presented by the University of Sunderland W.A.L.K. research initiative, seeks to interrogate the practice of walking in all its cultural, ethnographic, poetic, and geographical ramifications, bringing together innovative and speculative ideas on walking, landscape, and social, cultural, artistic, vocalic, and geographical constructions of space.

Contact Heather Yeung: walk@sunderland.ac.uk

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