Conflict Resolution on Highland Estates

The Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability is currently hosting four artists’ residencies leading up to a major conference on Conservation Conflicts: strategies for coping with a changing world which takes place at the end of August.

Dalziel + Scullion are undertaking one of the residencies, and Matthew Dalziel described the project,

You might be interested in the residency we are currently involved in which is at ACES at Aberdeen University. We are working with Steve Redpath and his Conflict Resolution Unit who have a long term project in Langholm looking at how to reconcile Raptors with Grouse moors and estate owners. You may have seen the programme on BBC on Tuesday night which was very much on the same topic.

We have spent time observing Hen Harriers, Goshhawks, Buzzards, etc., and met with activists, conservationists and game keepers. There is a big conference coming up in the Autumn focusing on Conflict Management and Resolution, all interesting stuff.

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