Death of ecoactivists


Hi Sacha

I write with tragic news to inform you that Maria do Espirito Santo da Silva, arts-educator, eco-pedagogue activist, grandmother and student-participant in our teacher education project Voices of the Land based in the Federal University of Para, was assassinated with her husband Jose da Silva, on the 24th May, near to her forest home in the region of Maraba. They were, I believe, returning from meetings with the President of Brazil, explaining the need to defend the forests, rivers and pedagogies of the Amazon.

Please would you inform our colleagues in your network of this tragic news. You can find a few details in the Guardian newspaper. The article focusses on her husband (unfortunately rendering Maria’s lifetime of dedication invisible), but gives you a clear picture of their humanity and courage.

UNESCO-Brazil has had the clarity and courage to partner this arts education project which contains Maria’s poems, songs and pedagogical reflections. I will let you know when they are published.

Many thanks


3 Responses to “Death of ecoactivists”

  1. rosina333 Says:

    How distressing, I am sorry. A loss indeed.


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