Global Survey on Social Sciences and Environmental Crisis

If you think that your work contributes to the broader understanding of Global Environmental Change then you should probably have a go at filling in this survey.

UNU-IHDP :: IHDP launches Global Survey on Social Sciences.

The International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change, working in partnership with UNESCO and the International Social Science Council, is trying to assess the extent to which the humanities and social sciences have developed programmes addressing Global Environmental Change, and what the priorities are.

That being said, this questionnaire is based on outdated assumptions about forms of knowledge, and excludes non-traditional academic knowledge including art, inhabitation-based forms of knowledge, and non-human forms of knowledge.

Another weakness is that it would appear to assume competition between academic disciplines, rather than collaboration.  The ecoart perspective assumes collaboration at its heart.

Finally, the questionnaire appears to breaks up virtuous cycles of knowledge and action in favour of prioritisation for funding purposes.

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