Planning Aid for Scotland

Planning Aid for Scotland is an important organisation providing an impartial service which supports and enables the public to engage with the planning process.

Planning Aid for Scotland is:

  • A unique and independent, national charity that helps people to engage in the planning process.
  • The leading voice on community engagement in planning matters, being professional, trusted, impartial and effective in Scotland.
  • An organisation that ensures people are involved in the changes which affect their local area and beyond

Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) was established in 1993 to deliver a national Planning Aid service for Scotland, and is part of a network of Planning Aid services covering the whole of the UK. Planning Aid for Scotland is a unique, award-winning national charity providing free independent advice, information, support and training to people looking to participate in the planning system. Professional advice and training for members of the public on matters relating to the planning system is given by approximately 300 planning professional volunteers.

The two principal aims of Planning Aid for Scotland are to ensure that everyone has access to planning advice, regardless of their ability to pay; and to educate people about the planning system and their participatory role within that system, giving them the skills, information and confidence to engage positively with the planning process. Planning Aid for Scotland has no advocacy or representational role; we do not take sides but we do seek to inform and encourage participation.

The Education area of the website has some DVDs on there which explain our work with children and young people.

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