Lighthouse (Brighton) & The Arts Catalyst Call For Collaborators

Laboratory Life Workshop Lighthouse, Brighton, UK 20-28 February 2011

Lighthouse and The Arts Catalyst invite collaborators for the Laboratory Life Workshop, an interdisciplinary open collaborative art and science workshop, exploring intersections between art, biology, and new medical technologies. For nine days, Lighthouse will be turned into a temporary garage laboratory in which five new projects will be created by collaborative teams led by artists Andy Gracie, Adam Zaretsky, Kira O’Reilly, Bruce Gilchrist and Anna Dumitriu, and then exhibited during Brighton Science Festival. We invite proposals to participate in the workshop from individuals in the early stages of, or studying for, a career in art, medicine, science or technology. The Laboratory Life Workshop presents an opportunity for professional development in a supportive, creative atmosphere, collaborating with an established artist and supported by both artist and scientist mentors and curators. We will provide collaborators with hostel accommodation for the duration of the workshop, and technical facilities and materials for the workshop and exhibition.

Details of the workshop and how to submit a proposal. Deadline: Monday 20 December 2010. Laboratory Life is conceived and led by artist Andy Gracie, and is based on the Interactivos? workshop model developed by the Medialab-Prado in Madrid

(and check out the Medialab-Prado website and the Move Commons project, which like all the best projects is described as at the Alpha stage.)

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