Visualising Blessed Unrest

Screenshot collage from Chris Jordan's E Pluribus Unum

Chris Jordan, known for his environmental photography (including the Midway series (2009) of dead Albatross chicks unwittingly fed plastic by their parents; and the series Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption, (2003 – 2005)) has created a work in response to Paul Hawken’s book Blessed Unrest which drew attention to the growing number of large and small organisations dedicated to restoring the environment and social justice:

“these groups collectively comprise the largest movement on earth, a movement that has no name, leader, or location, and that has gone largely ignored by politicians and the media. Like nature itself, it is organizing from the bottom up, in every city, town, and culture. and is emerging to be an extraordinary and creative expression of people’s needs worldwide.”

E Pluribus Unum (2010) is a mandala made up of the names of 1 million organisations whose missions address peace, environmental stewardship, social justice, and the preservation of diverse and indigenous culture.

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