The role of the individual artist working on climate change

Lab for Culture has published a new report focusing on the work of individual artists working on climate change. This Research in focus – produced by Lidia Varbanova in cooperation with prominent artists, experts and professionals – looks at individual and collective artistic practices in Europe and beyond. It also looks at the way we share knowledge and experience on initiating and running such artistic projects.

By highlighting artistic projects, online platforms and individual viewpoints, we hope to raise awareness about climate change among artistic communities across Europe. We also aim to make this issue more visible to a wider circle of arts managers, curators, researchers, educators and experts, as well as to the general public.

Comprising four interviews (David Buckland, Michaela Crimmin, Sasha Kagan and Helena Drnvosek Zorko) and reflections on a range of artists’ practices including Aviva Rahmani, Burning Ice, Cape Farewell, C-Words and Makrolab amongst others, the report also highlights key organisations and networks.  This is a timely survey of the range of artist-led initiatives addressing climate change.

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