“TREES are the largest LIVING things on earth…”

The next ‘Humanities and Climate Change’ meeting will be at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (The University of Edinburgh, Hope Park Square,

Edinburgh EH8 9NW) on Wednesday, 25 August, 1-2pm.

Tim Collins will discuss his work with Reiko Goto and their approach to the theory and practice that informs Eden3, an artist-led climate change research initiative. He will present their work on “Plein Air: The Ethical, Aesthetic Impulse” a technology informed artist’s easel that reveals the breath of a tree as it reacts to carbon dioxide. He will also present the video “A Tree is a LIVING Thing: (The Schelling-Piper Experiments)”.

Tim Collins is an environmental art researcher, theorist, teacher and practitioner. Working at IASH he has renewed his interest in German aesthetics to better understand ideas of freedom and subjectivity and the intellectual relationship between society and nature. This work informed the development of a book proposal, tentatively titled ‘Art Environment and Aesthetics: Living in a Changing Landscape.’

Ten years of Collins’ and Goto’s previous research (conducted at Carnegie Mellon University) was recently published in two articles of a special issue on ‘Landscape, Cultural Spaces, Ecology.’ in RACAR – The Canadian Art Review, Vol 35, No 1 (2010).

Please let IASH know if you are able to attend (iash@ed.ac.uk).

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