Trees, Woods and Forests

Assembling some links related to Trees, Woods and Forests:

Jen Clarke is doing a PhD at the University of Aberdeen’s Anthropology Department “tentatively” entitled Working between art and forestry in Scotland

The British Museum had an excellent small display entitled Imaging the Forest

I recently came across an interesting web site,

Always worth looking at the programme of the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World.

Poets and Artists

The Harrisons’ work Serpentine Lattice is all about the temperate rainforest in the Pacific North West.

Tim Collins and Reiko Goto

Thomas A Clark (and bear in mind that the Art and Architecture collaboration for the New Stobhill Hospital is entitled A Grove of Larch in a Forest of Birch).

Alec Finlay

Donald Urquhart

Roy Staab (search youTube for documentation)

Please add your own work or links …

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