Humanities and Climate Change

The next ‘Humanities and Climate Change’ meeting will be at IASH on 11th June, 1-2pm. Dr Alex Guilherme (Philosophy, University of Durham) will give a short talk followed by discussion on “Climate change and the ethics of ‘care’”. Abstract below. Everyone welcome, but if possible, do please let Anthea know that you intend to come along (

Alex Guilherme
Climate change and the ethics of ‘care


The question why human beings should care about climate change is usually answered in one of two ways: first, the anthropocentic response that we should care because climate change affects us; and second, the ecocentric response that climate change affects the whole of the community of life, including us. In this paper, I offer a third response that I develop through an extension of the work on the ‘ethics of care’ of the Brazilian Theologian and Philosopher, Leonardo Boff.

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