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Three texts all appeared on AAAARG.ORG on the same day:

William Stanley Jevons’ The Coal Question; An Inquiry concerning the Progress of the Nation, and the Probable Exhaustion of our Coal-mines from 1865 which “introduces the problem of Jevon’s Paradox: how, assuming a steady price and availability of energy, conserving energy only leads to increased energy consumption. This is countered in a situation where energy is less available or increasing in price – then a system can grow, but only and only up to when it hits the production capacity of the energy source. Then, coal, now, oil.” (as put by the poster).

James Howard Kunstler’s 2005 book  The long emergency : surviving the converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century.

and the US Department for Energy’s International Energy Outlook published in 2009.

The Center for Land Use Interpretation has recently been doing work on documenting the landscapes of the oil industry in the US.  In the UK PLATFORM has been developing research, campaigning, education and art working towards post-carbon futures for nearly 20 years.  Their projects …And While London Burns, and Remember Saro-Wiwa address the complexity of our involvement.

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