Public Art Sustainability Assessment toolkit from Chrysalis Arts

Steve Gumbley's Shadowgraph
Steve Gumbley "From Horse Power to Hydrogen Power," a shadowgraph machine of nuclear, chimneys, cooling towers and galloping horses, which he describes as a "mechanical meditation on sources of power."

Chrysalis Arts has developed a Public Art Sustainability Assessment (PASA) toolkit. 

This is intended to promote sustainability and breaks down the process of making public art (whether large scale or small, permanent or temporary into a range of key issues including: artistic practice; project management; community involvement; environment and resources; site and context. 

The toolkit asks you to identify whether you are adopting best practice or have considered the implications of your plans.  Some of the questions use the term ‘sustainable’ without giving clear criteria, and some of the questions are so subjective as to be of doubtful value, but overall this is a valuable resource in that it highlights a wide range of considerations that should be evaluated by anyone undertaking a public art project.

For the announcement of the toolkit see the Public Art Online website

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