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I don’t know how many people listened to the Moral Maze on Radio 4 on Wednesday evening (10th October)? In the week of the IPCC report saying we have 12 years before we go through the 1.5 degrees of global warming threshold, the programme brought together a debate on the moral implications. The debate was... Continue Reading →

Culture Conversation – Culture and Climate Change

The Scottish Government is currently involved in 'early engagement' on a new Cultural Strategy for Scotland. In early November, Creative Carbon Scotland hosted a discussion as part of the Scottish Government’s consultation on the development of a new Culture Strategy for Scotland. Joined by arts and sustainability practitioners working across a range of contexts, we... Continue Reading →

culture/SHIFT ¦ two cities, two challenges

Creative Carbon Scotland's culture/SHIFT programme has two events specifically focused on key issues for cities - Aberdeen and Glasgow: What can be done in post-industrial North Glasgow? How to speed up post-fossil fuel Aberdeen (i.e. move postively to the post-industrial)? Aberdeen Green Tease: Cultural Practices in a Post-Fossil Fuel Aberdeen with Nuno Sacramento (Director, Peacock... Continue Reading →

We need a Percent for Art for Energy

Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry, Directors of the Land Art Generator Initiative, reflect on another aspect to emerge from the 'Beautiful Renewables' workshop hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland. Cities that recognize the value of arts and culture have long benefited from percent for art programs. It has become expected (and in many cases required) for... Continue Reading →

When tomorrow becomes yesterday

Creative Carbon Scotland, addressing all the arts, asked us to highlight this: How do we understand the effects that climate change will have on future societies? Can musical practices bring us closer to this understanding by creating different forms of expression and experience? In this one-day workshop Creative Carbon Scotland and musician Jo Mango are inviting... Continue Reading →

Land Art Generator Initiative: Glasgow

Excerpts from a recent Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) blog, We believe that there is no better tool for creating a tipping point to strong climate action and 100% renewable energy infrastructure than to present a positive vision to the public of what that could look like and the residual benefits that such policies would... Continue Reading →

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