Artforum review of Harrisons’ Sierra Nevada Adaption

  Read the review.  See the exhibition on the Feldman Gallery site. Force Majeure Works, including Sierra Nevada Adaption, on the Harrison Studio site.


The minor earthquake in Cumbria last week brought fracking to the UK headlines. Fracking is a technology for extracting gas from unconventional geological formations.  Very topical in the North Eastern US where there hasn't been a huge oil industry, but where now fracking is being considered as a means to extract gas.  The problem is... Continue Reading →

Open source city: Vancouver

Focus on the  Zen question: “What can we not do?” Not cut down weeds, not tidy up derelict ground, not plan, organise, manage and control parts of our cities.  Asking how an open source ethos might affect urban living.  Read the rest of the article in the Vancouver Observer here. Oliver Kellhammer is leading a week-long investigation into... Continue Reading →

Cool Stories for when the planet gets hot III

The third edition of an international art video competition on Global Warming by ARTPORT_making waves deadline for submissions May 9th, 2011. After two successful editions, launched at Scope Basel in 2007 and repeated at Focus Basel in 2009, ARTPORT_making waves for the third edition collaborates with CINEMA PLANETA, the award-winning International Environmental Film Festival in Cuernavaca,... Continue Reading →

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