how much is too little, too much, or just enough

The 12x12 project grows out of the powerful story of a North Carolina pediatrician, Dr. Jackie Benton, who ten years ago gave up a luxurious home to live in a 12’ by 12’ off-the-grid house and permaculture farm.  The World Policy Institute used this idea to develop a project with the Queens Botanic Gardens, which... Continue Reading →

Create & Sustain: Alastair McIntosh at GSA Sustainability

TALK + Seminar - 14 January 2015 15.00-19.00 Reid Auditorium. Booking here Alastair McIntosh is a writer, poet, speaker, researcher and activist. Originally from the Isle of Lewis he now lives on Govan near to the GalGael Trust, for which he is a founding trustee. “ Most of my work is constellated by a passion... Continue Reading →

Aesthetics & Sustainability | Arlene Goldbard

Arlene Goldbard's recent blog on aesthetics and sustainability is very refreshing.  It acknowledges that we define sustainability by it's negative, ie our current unsustainable lifestyles (and we can describe that unsustainability in myriad ways). Arlene quotes Adrienne Goehler in sharply defining the challenge to move the idea of sustainability beyond "prohibition, asceticism, and morality" into... Continue Reading →

Residency Opp and Green Teas(e) Reflections – Creative Carbon Scotland

Our friends and colleagues at Creative Carbon Scotland have a call out for artists to participate in a residency, Mull is a multi-disciplinary weekend-long residency which explores the question, ‘What would it mean to be an artist working in a sustainable Scotland in 50 years’ time?’ through artistic practice and conversation. We’re looking for up... Continue Reading →

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