Review: Gut Gardening

Ewan Davidson reviews Gut Gardening, Food Phreaking:issue 03 from the Center for Genomic Gastronomy, published Oct 2016.  You can order copies here. Ewan Davidson is a blogger and self-identified psychogeographer ( His recent wanderings have taken back into familiar territories, those of ecology, natural metaphors and causality, he first visited as a student thirty years... Continue Reading →

Imagining the future food system: Center for Genomic Gastronomy at the Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health

Source: Imagining the future food system: collaborating to advance transdisciplinary knowledge of biotechnology and biodiversity | The Leverhulme Trust The Center for Genomic Gastronomy styles itself as an artists' think-tank.  In taking on a residency with the Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health the focus will be Food Futures, but the outputs won't be the... Continue Reading →

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