Beautiful Renewables: Land Art Generator Talk 18 November 2015

As we aggressively implement strategies towards 100% carbon-free energy and witness a greater proliferation of renewable energy infrastructures in our cities and landscapes, we have an opportunity to proactively address the aesthetic influence of these new machines through the lenses of planning, urban design, community benefit, and creative placemaking. Please join the Land Art Generator... Continue Reading →

Does anyone know Professor Paul Younger? Pt. 2

Professor Paul Younger invited me to meet him in his office at the University of Glasgow after he found the blog post. We had exchanged some emails resulting from the sequence of events triggered by's 'Do The Math' and the wider divestment campaign. We discussed the reasons for the letter to The Guardian (of... Continue Reading →

Land Art Generator Initiative

Hyperallergic recently covered the Copenhagen 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative competition saying, "There is no shortage of art critiquing humankind’s abuse of the earth today. While these works help illuminate the problem, they don’t actually solve it. But what if artists could use their know-how to engage in a practice that actually brings about real... Continue Reading →

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