Tradable Energy Quotas: a solution for peak oil and climate change?

Beth Stratford edited the recent report on Tradable Energy Quotas for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil Peak Oil on Wikipedia).  She is Energy and Finance Campaigner for Friends of the Earth Scotland, and an MSc student in Ecological Economics. If information campaigns are inadequate for motivating behaviour change, and carbon price rises... Continue Reading →

Deep Horizon isn’t over

Naomi Klein describes how the Deep Horizon crisis isn't over just because we can't see the oil gushing.  She spent a week on a research ship looking at the impact of the dispersed oil on ecosystems.  She links this with Tar Sands and other high risk strategies to maintain our addiction.

Torrey Canyon

The Torrey Canyon disaster was the largest shipwreck to that date and resulted in large sections of the British and French coastlines being polluted by crude oil. It was 1967. They didn't know what to do with the oil so they put a lot of what washed up on the island of Guernsey into a disused quarry.... Continue Reading →

The death of Deep Horizon

The Natural Resources Defense Council has a multitude of interesting information about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on its web site including an animation of the daily movement of the slick. And from the organisational to the personal, the signs people make are always interesting, In memory of all that is lost,... Continue Reading →

Dirty Oil, H2Oil, Petropolis

The third of The Co-operative's Toxic Fuels film trilogy - H2Oil - is being shown across the UK on Tues 15th June. Screenings at: Acton, Birmingham, Bristol, Camberley, Cambridge, Cheshire Oaks, Edinburgh, Finchley Rd, Fulham, Harrow, Inverness, Islington, Leeds, Norwich, Oxford, Plymouth, Reading, Westfield and York. Here is a link for details:

Environmental devastation brought home to Tate Galleries

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release TATE MODERN TENTH BIRTHDAY SEES ACTION AGAINST SLICK BP SPONSORSHIP DEAD FISH AND OIL DRENCHED BIRDS HANG FROM TURBINE HALL Tate Modern was forced to close down parts of its No Soul For Sale tenth anniversary exhibition on Saturday (15 May) whilst it struggled to remove dozens of dead fish... Continue Reading →

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