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Following up on Louis Helbig's presentation at Edinburgh College of Art comes Suzaan Boettger's review in Brooklyn Rail of three books of photography of oil landscapes, Burtynsky's Oil, J. Henry Fair's The Day After Tomorrow: Images of our Earth in Crisis, and Richard Misrach and Kate Orff's Petrochemical America. The review addresses the approaches of the... Continue Reading →

Social license to operate

BP is definitely splashing around the cultural sponsorship - there has been press coverage of the £10 million to cultural majors in London, and now they are also sponsoring the Cultural Olympiad. Art Not Oil want artworks for an online exhibition.  Send them before the end of February.

Corporations, Climate and the UN

A significant report from the Polaris Institute on corporate influence, documenting the ways that lobbyists infiltrate UN climate change negotiations. Parallel with PLATFORM's work on challenging the 'social license to operate' culture, including the recent publication Not If But When, Culture Beyond Oil.

Shell accused of fuelling violence in Nigeria

PLATFORM continue to focus on the issues of corporate responsibility for oil conflict in the Niger Delta through their project Remember Saro-Wiwa.  The Guardian's extensive story on a new report by the social and environmental activists highlights the consequences of Shell paying off militia groups to stop them damaging pipelines.  This funds and stimulates conflict... Continue Reading →

Brief to make KEYSTONE XL an international issue

Brief for a campaign extension Bill McKibben's team along with a number of other NGOs and activist groups in the US and Canada have been campaigning to stop Obama signing off the Keystone XL project.  The extension of the Keystone pipeline is a fundamental to the development of tar sands oil.  Tar sands are one... Continue Reading →

Sights and Sounds of Bitumen Extraction

"Changeable Places brings together individuals from different contexts working with stories about particular places of environmental sensitivity."  The post Sights and Sounds of Bitumen Extraction in Alberta Canada provides a deep exploration of a locality.

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