Open Call for Entries: Biodiversity/Extinction

ASCI (Art Science Collaborations Inc) is currently calling for works for an exhibition in the New York Hall of Science (deadline 23 August 2015).  ASCI has involved two really interesting jurors - Elizabeth Corr from the Natural Resources Defence Council and Paula J Ehrlich from the E.O.Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. The exhibition announcement highlights key themes... Continue Reading →

Fallen Animals cfp

Deadline for this workshop is 15th January 2015. Call For Papers - Fallen Animals: an interdisciplinary perspective 19th-20th March 2015, University of Aberdeen, Scotland Following the success of the Fall Narratives project in 2014, this workshop will explore the theme of fallen animals. The serpent in the Garden of Eden is but one example of... Continue Reading →

Sharing video Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

We have previously covered the subject of collapse and recently talked about extinction. This beautiful short film, part of a larger project, takes us to a zone where one of the major 'collapse' events, the meltdown of the Chernobyl reactor, has meant that we can see one of our potential future: the one where the... Continue Reading →

Only Human? Thom Van Dooren on Vultures and on Snails

Last Sunday Thom Van Dooren spoke about extinction at the first Only Human? Festival in Glasgow, part of the nationwide Arts & Humanities Research Council Being Human Festival.  Previous posts have highlighted key quotes from his book Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction.  Thom very kindly agreed to us sharing recordings... Continue Reading →

Only Human? and what of autonomy?

Thom Van Dooren quotes (p. 141) Val Plumwood saying, When we hyperseparate ourselves from nature and reduce it conceptually, we not only lose the ability to empathise and to see the non-human sphere in ethical terms, but also get a false sense of our own character and location that includes an illusory sense of agency... Continue Reading →

Only Human? 14-16 November

“Picture after picture [by photographer Chris Jordan] depicts the decomposed bodies of albatross chicks – just bones, feathers, and a beak remaining, and in the middle of each, a multicolored pile of plastic and other debris: cigarette lighters, bottle tops, toy soldiers, and so many other little items.” “Millions of years of albatross evolution –... Continue Reading →

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