Atlantic Rising – Message in a Bottle

Atlantic Rising is an outstanding project finding innovative and creative ways to talk about sea level rise, ocean currents and climate change.  Will Lorimer, Tim Bromfield and Lynn Morris have travelled around the Eastern Atlantic seaboard most of Africa and Europe and the Western seaboard: South, Central and North America.  All along the way they... Continue Reading →

Sea as Sculptress

Ruth Wallen's project as Artist in Residence at the Exploratorium, San Francisco, in 1978 is an exemplary work and this slideshow/narrative is compelling.  Using sculptures as a means to focus learning about the aquatic life of three locations around SF is brilliant.

Deepwater Horizon – the more you know…

Rozanne Amico has done an amazing job of tracking and collating information about the oil haemorrage / volcano in the Gulf of Mexico.  She has brought together news, comment, factual resources and also some humorous sites.  If you want to know more about this massive massive disaster...

Alex Bell: Peak Water

Peak Water was written by Alexander Bell to alert the world to a crisis: we are using more water than is available in the places where we live. For some, in the wet regions, peak water will never occur, but for the people of the USA, Africa, Southern Europe, India, Middle East and China, it... Continue Reading →

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