Trees, mother trees and interactions

This short film opens up a different understanding of forests and the interactions between trees facilitated by fungi - inspiring stuff reinforcing the importance of respecting the complexity of forests across both species diversity and age diversity.  Professor Suzanne Simard of the University of British Columbia highlights the importance of Mother or Granny Trees in these... Continue Reading →

Eden3: Trees are the Language of Landscape

Exhibition - April 22 to May 25, 2013 Tent Gallery, in Art Space and Nature Edinburgh College of Art Evolution House (corner of Westport and Lady Lawson Street) Edinburgh, EH1 2LE, Scotland Phone: 0131 651 5800 Hours: Tues-Fri 12noon to 4:45PM or by appointment on Saturday. The Collins & Goto Studio presents an on-going series... Continue Reading →

Tree species maps for European forests

European Forest Institute - Tree species maps for European forests: useful resource on major tree species down to the 1km level accessible as GIS data.  The UK's Forestry Commission makes their datasets available (thanks Tim).

Sculpture upsets coal industry

Chris Drury, who will be speaking in Ayr in the Autumn, has successfully stirred up a storm in Wyoming, as reported in the Guardian.  He was commissioned by the University to create a work for the campus as part of its evolving public art exhibition organised by the University of Wyoming Art Museum. The work... Continue Reading →

“By Leaves We Live”: the vital politics and poetics of the tree

Jennifer Clarke and Rachel Harkness are convening an excellent session focused on trees, referencing Patrick Geddes' "By Leaves We Live", within the Conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth. Abstracts come from all over the world and take trajectories across the topic: religious practice and space; time and trees (both... Continue Reading →


Germaine Greer makes an important point in this article, highlighting the difference between planted woodland and succession woodland, or meadow.  She regrets planting woodland twenty years ago, and she articulates the reasons why the UK Government's proposed sell off of woodlands might actually have been a good thing.  It is important to distinguish between pine... Continue Reading →

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