Spirited discussions pt. 4 (by Ben Twist, Director of Creative Carbon Scotland)

The last of our Spirited Discussions asking, ‘Can Art Change the Climate? was entitled: Going Beyond the Material: Environment and Invisible Forces in the Literary, Performing and Visual Arts. This, in some ways, reminded me of Wallace Heim’s reference in Spirited Discussion part 2 to Alan Badiou’s idea that the four critical kinds of event... Continue Reading →

Spirited Discussions Pt. 3

Wednesday afternoon 14th August, third discussion around the issues of art, science, environment, monitoring, CO2. Andrew Patrizio started us off by taking us back to Renaissance Florence. His summer reading had been Michael Baxandall's Painting and Experience in 15th Century Italy. In that he found a description of the particular characteristics of the mercantile mind,... Continue Reading →

Spirited discussions Pt. 2

Sat. 10th August. We dug back into the question of the role of the artist, in particular working with other disciplines such as scientists and public engagement professionals. The discussion highlighted a couple of slippages: one towards science and another towards public engagement. These are points of blurring – things that the artist might be... Continue Reading →

Spirited discussions Pt. 1

In amongst the people handing out leaflets for shows and holding up placards for restaurants, there are a couple of people wearing white coats walking around bearing standards reminiscent of Roman Legions, though these are not surmounted by eagles but rather by LED displays reporting CO2 levels.  These are 'Carbon Catchers'. They are part of... Continue Reading →

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