Su Grierson Public Lecture

Su Grierson, who corresponded with us whilst on residency in Fukushima Province earlier this year, is giving a public lecture in conjunction with her exhibition Intersections.  It's in the Norrie Miller Studio at Perth Concert Hall, 7pm Thursday 26th September.   Su Grierson will talk about her art practice and multi-media art works in the... Continue Reading →

From Fukushima – Pt 5

I am sorry for the delay in sending this Blog. We have had an exhibition of the work we have made during the residency, and with lots of entertaining besides, time has just evaporated. Yesterday I gave a talk as part of a series at the exhibition. I was asked to talk about Scotland and... Continue Reading →

From Fukushima – Part 4

Thanks to Aeneas Wilder, a Scottish artist living further North in Japan, Su Grierson has been able to give us a sense of the changes to the landscape further up the coast.  Once again she asked me to emphasise that she is only able to report what she is told and sees herself, and cannot... Continue Reading →

From Fukushima – Part 3

Su Grierson has sent the following report of her journey to Minamisouma City, in the heart of the Tsunami zone and near the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  Su emphasises, "that all I write has been gleaned through non-professional interpreters and there is often difficulty in putting follow-up questions. However I feel it is worth recording... Continue Reading →

From Fukushima – Part 2

Report Number 3 from Su Grierson in Kitakata, Fukushima Province Japan. Slowly, as we move around engaging with the locality and people and negotiate the difficulty of translation, we are gaining more insight into the aftermath of the Tsunami two years ago. All the displaced and dispossessed people from the coastal disaster area are referred... Continue Reading →

From Fukushima – part 1

Day 1 The journey to Japan was good and easy.  Yoshiko Maruyama, the artist/ initiator of this project, was waiting for me at Narita airport. The Japan Foundation wanted to meet me and receive my flight invoices and this meant an hour bus trip in the wrong direction into central Tokyo, but a smiling Mr... Continue Reading →

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