Reblogged from The Hollywood Forest Story: Earth Day 2019: We need to finish the work of Earth-law warrior Polly Higgins Sometimes a voice is sent to calm our deepest fears Sometimes a hearty laugh will banish all our tears Sometimes words will wing our dreaming ever higher And sometimes a mind will set our imaginations afire. John Quinn, Walking on the Pastures of Wonder, 2015 Today, is a very poignant Earth Day. Last night,... Continue Reading →

Eradicating Ecocide in Ireland – send letter to Phil Hogan now

Really interesting piece on the legal arguments – we’ve posted previously on the legal process of giving legal identity to rivers, and this is another dimension of the argument

The Hollywood Forest Story : An EcoSocial Art Practice | Co. Carlow Ireland

meandPollyH Me with Polly Higgins, environmental lawyer and campaigner for making Ecocide the missing 5th international crime against peace. Polly’s talk was organised by Friends of the Earth and the Law Dept of Queen’s University, Belfast, 11 Feb 2014.

Ecocide, Earth rights and restorative justice: the three cornerstones of a growing international movement to establish new laws which protect both people and planet. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth10 was proposed by Polly Higgins in 2008 (as a Universal Declaration of the Planetary Rights).
‘The Ecocide Project: ‘Ecocide is the missing 5th Crime against Peace’ (2012)

A week ago I was in Belfast to hear environmental lawyer speak Polly Higgins speak about the urgent need for a law to make ecocide an internationally recognised crime. After Polly’s talk I was thrilled to meet with her – as some of you know I worked this time last year to…

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