Spirited discussions pt. 4 (by Ben Twist, Director of Creative Carbon Scotland)

The last of our Spirited Discussions asking, ‘Can Art Change the Climate? was entitled: Going Beyond the Material: Environment and Invisible Forces in the Literary, Performing and Visual Arts. This, in some ways, reminded me of Wallace Heim’s reference in Spirited Discussion part 2 to Alan Badiou’s idea that the four critical kinds of event... Continue Reading →

Collaboration: Improving the Model

Steep Trail Conference - Collaboration : Improving the Model 12 June 2013 9.30-4.00 Brunton Theatre, Ladywell Way, Musselburgh, EH21 6AA The event is free but places must be booked. To book your place email admin@edinburghsculpture.org or call Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop on 0131 551 4490. The nature of collaboration, particularly cross-disciplinary, is examined with a view to... Continue Reading →

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