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GAIA Resonant Visions at SER 2015 Manchester

August 18, 2015

The Society for Ecological Restoration annual conference is in Manchester 23-27 August and James Brady has put together an outstanding Arts Programme.
“During the conference, two internationally renowned cultural venues in the city of Manchester will host GAIA – Resonant Visions: an exclusive cultural programme consisting of UK and world premiere artists’ film screenings, accompanied by public talks (with artists, ecologists, activists and scientists, etc.) associated with the conference theme of ecological restoration and resilience.
The events will be artistic co-ordinates and complimentary to the conference. Both responding and acting independently of the conference, they will expand and explore restoration and resilience from the neighbourhood to international scales, and from political, ecological and aesthetic perspectives.
How environmental activism, creative resistance and grassroots/indigenous movements can operate (both as a powerful metaphor and a real-world agency) for ‘resilience and restoration’ towards a post-fossil fuel world, are core themes which these events will also address.
Manchester is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution: the unprecedented human technological shift which changed Planet Earth and crucially brought about the evolution of this Anthropocene age. It is therefore meaningful and poignant that a collection of moving image ‘visions’ of our changing planet are brought into the heart of what is one of the world’s first Post-Industrial cities.
The core cultural venues pledging their support for SER 2015 in the city are The Whitworth Art Gallery and HOME. A special suite of eco-artist films will also be hosted at Manchester Central during the conference itself, providing an integrated cross-disciplinary aesthetic engagement for delegates.”
Check it out here

Basia Irland | Voices

June 29, 2015

Looking for the source of the Clyde in Lanarkshire, 2010.  Photo Chris Fremantle

Looking for the source of the Clyde in Lanarkshire, 2010. Photo Chris Fremantle

Basia Irland is one of the foremost artists working with ecological systems and she is currently writing a series of blogs, Basia Irland | Voices, for National Geographic, each of which speaks for a river, imagining the world from the perspective of an “urban working river,” a river “interconnected with the struggles of my people,” “slow moving and bucolic-looking” river.

So far she has given voice to the Ping River, Chiang Mai, and the Chao Phraya, Bangkok, both in Thailand; the Siem Reap, Cambodia; the Kamo River, Japan; the Eagle River in Colorado and the Yaqui River, Sonora, Mexico.



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